Health Management About

The need for educated manpower is increasing as the modern business thought is becoming more prevalent in privatised health institutions or public health organizations.
Department of Health Management is established with the goal of educating people by giving them the required and valid knowledge and skills on “Hospital Management”, “Health Organization,” “Finance in Health”, “Health Insurance” and “Health Technology and its use”.
Our department,is aiming to develop scientific knowledge in the field of health management, make researches, and train professional manpower in the field of healthcare services in line with the current reforms and policies in health.

Graduate of this department is given the title of “Health Manager (Administrator)”.

Duties of health managers include meeting the demand of institution’s workforce, enabling them to work efficiently, purchasing necessary tools and equipment, and planning.

The graduates, i.e. health managers (administrators) can work at public hospitals, university hospitals, private hospitals, foundations, rehabilitation centers, the Pensions Fund, Social Security Organization for Artisans and the Self-Employed, Social Security Institution, health insurance companies; private insurance companies, research centers; and industrial companies specialized in pharmaceuticals and medical equipment.

To graduate, students must complete 157 credits/240 ECTS of courses.