Child Development About

Department of Child Development was opened in the 2012-2013 education year and admitted students first time. The Department is established to improve supportive programmes for development of children whose ages are between 0-18 (developed normally, children with special needs, refugee, child labor, juvenile delinquent, hospitalized children and orphans in terms of social, cognitive, linguistic, physical and psychological states). Educating Child Development Experts who serves child, family, professions and society, and who do scientific research is a crucial issue in the department. “Child Development Expert” degree is given to students who graduated from the Department of Child Development.

The objective of the program is to train professionals who adapt themselves to the changing and developing needs of the society, who is creative and communicative effectively.  ’Child Development Expert’ degree is given to students who graduated from the Department of Child Development. Students who are graduated from the department are employed as an expert in terms of the following gained capabilities;

1. Evaluating children’s development and skills (cognitive, language, motor, social-emotional, self-care)

2. Following the development process, preparing and conducting developmental supportive programs, parent education about child health, guidance and psychological counseling service
3. Conducting education programme in terms of individuals and groups, to design, consultancy and supervision of children’s books
4. Preparing and consulting programs for children in various publications.
5. Developing project to the children’s and family-related organizations and institutions, consulting and reviewing of the projects.

Undergraduate Program in Child Development includes clinical practices.v