Midwifery - About


Our mission is; to train health professionals with the knowledge and skills at national and international level, who contributed to science, respecting human rights and freedoms, free and equipped with a versatile power of thoughts, has responsibility, interdisciplinary cooperation in the health sector and adopting the team work, respect for human values, conforming to health ethical principles, essential in professional fields.


Specific training in the field of health sciences, education and research that is to be an educational institution could obtain a leading and respected in the national and international arena.

Purpose and Scope

In recent years, our country and lowering the cesarean rates subject to a reasonable level, which has increased all over the world are among the most important objectives of the entire health system. Competent public health and prevention of disease and educate professionals and to serve this purpose , our society, our task will  be leading.


According to the World Health Organization midwives, are people trained to service to childbirth and post-natal care and counseling to provide the necessary services in their responsibility to make normal births the new-born care and family planning. Our students will graduate in four-year training as a health care professional at the end of the authorized period of theoretical and practical training.

 Business and Careers

Our country is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of the height of the number of births. When the Ministry of Health’s strategies and plans over the next 10 years is projected to midwife the birth process of re-task effectively. The main mandate of the midwives can be listed as follows;

Hospitals, (universities, public and private)

Pregnancy – training centers

Parents schools

Family health centers

Women, anywhere where children and families