Institute of Health Sciences

Founded in 2011 and started accepting students in 2012-2013 academic year.

Üsküdar Health Sciences Institute

The departments in the Institute of Health Sciences are Health Management (Thesis / Non Thesis) Master’s Program, Nursing (Psychiatric Nursing, Women's Health and Disease Nursing, Child Health and Disease Nursing, Community Mental Health Nursing –Non Thesis- Internal Diseases Nursing (Thesis / Non Thesis) Master’s Programs, Occupational Health and Safety (Thesis / Non Thesis) Master’s Program, Neuroscience (Thesis / Non Thesis) Master’s Program, Social Work (Thesis / Non Thesis) Master’s Program, Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Thesis) Master’s Program, Addiction Counseling and Rehabilitation (Thesis / Non Thesis) Master’s Program, Child Development (Thesis / Non Thesis) Master’s Program, Language and Speech Therapy (Thesis) Master’s Program.

Institute of Health Sciences - Nursing

In Nursing (Psychiatric Nursing, Internal Diseases Nursing, Surgical Diseases Nursing, Women's Health and Disease Nursing, Child Health and Disease Nursing, Nursing Principles and Management, Community Health Nursing) Ph.D. Program, Health Management Ph.D. Program, Language and Speech Disorders Ph.D. Program and Molecular Neurology Ph.D. Program are available.

Our Health Sciences Institute Graduate Programs covering the areas of Behavior and Health Sciences aims to enable students to do research independently, conduct analysis-synthesis with our doctoral programs, gain the ability of adding a new point of view to the scientific field.

The Health Sciences Institute is under the supervision of our specialist faculty members in the areas of graduate programs provided.

Application procedures can be read from the “programs” section of the Institute of Health Sciences website, which provides education under the "Graduate Education and Training Regulation" dated 20 April 2016 of the Presidency of the Council of Higher Education and "Graduate Education and Examination Regulation of Üsküdar University" dated 04 February 2018.

Language of the program is Turkish. Student acceptance is conducted twice a year (Fall and Spring).

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