Üsküdar Üniversitesi

Two-day Symposium



Üsküdar University and Oxford University- CRIC

(Center For the Resolution of Intractable Conflict)


“Psychology of Chaos, Complexity and Cooperation in Post-Truth World”


Üsküdar University, Center for Political Psychology Organizes


Üsküdar University carries out various studies in order to grow the recognition, understanding and practice of political psychology in Turkey. In this respect, we organize the first political psychology symposia in cooperation with University of Oxford, Center For the Resolution of Intractable Conflist (CRIC)


1. Political Psychology Symposium will be held on 4-5 May 2019 at Üsküdar University in Istanbul, with the theme of “Psychology of Chaos, Complexity, and Cooperation in Post-Truth World.

With the participation of international scholars who have an influential contribution to the field of political psychology, we aim to build a scientific and social environment for students, researchers, and practitioners.


The language of the symposium will be English and Turkish, and simultaneous translation will be available.


All participants will be given a certificate of attendance.


We wish our symposium to contribute to the peace and dialogue between communities and be helpful for understanding the psychological motives behind political behaviours.


It will be our pleasure to welcome students from all universities, practitioners, scholars and interested people to join us.


Keynote Speakers

LORD John Alderdice (University of Oxford, Professor)

"Chaos, Complexity, and Cooperation"

Prof. Nevzat Tarhan (President of Üsküdar University)

"From Social Schizophrenia to Societal Empathy"


Prof. Abdülkadir Çevik (University of Ankara, Emeritus)

"The Process That Goes From Personal Integrity and Reconciliation to Societal Integrity and Peace"

Prof. Deniz Ülke Arıboğan

(Üsküdar University, Dept. of Political Science and International Relations)

"The Nature of Pyschopolitical Analysis / Closing Speech"

Prof. Sinan Canan (Üsküdar University, Dept. of Psychology)

"Biology to Politics , Why Is Human Like That ?"

Eva Grosman

(University of Oxford, CEO Centre for Democracy and Peace Building and Research Associate)

"Building Capacity for Resilience and Political Transitionsı"

Dr. Tayfun Doğan (Üsküdar University, Dept. of Psychology)

"Efforts to Make Life Meaningful and Pyschopolitical Reflections"

Dr. Gökben Hızlı Sayar (Üsküdar University, Dept. of Psychology)

"Emotion Map of Turkey"

Dr. Hüseyin Ünübol (Üsküdar University, Dept. of Psychology)

"Emotion Map of Turkey"

Ayça Ferda Kansu

(Researcher, Üsküdar University, Center for Political Psychology)

"Political Psychology as an Interdisciplinary Field"



Important Dates

May 4-5 May 2019

Symposium Date