Bioengineering - About

The Mission

Bioengineering is a novel field that uses mathematics, physics and chemistry as the basic scientific tools to solve challenging problems in biology and medicine.  Bioengineering merges with the methods and principes of engineering. Bioengineering links life with technology and has been futher improved by innovations in semiconductor electronics and computer sciences during the second half of the 20th century.  Through bioengineering, we are able to understand and repair the human body instead of simply relying on the subjective interpretation of medical doctors.  Bioengineering allows us to have diagnosis and offer treatments objectively. We aim to serve our nation and the international community by educating our future generations with a sense of self confidence with the ability to think independently and in new ways.  We aim to foster an advanced sense of social and ethical responsibility with team-work, and a dedication to life long learning.

The Vision

Our vision is to lead graduates having a national and spiritual identity expected all around the world by having modern physical equipment and the most successfull selected academic staffs in Turkey.