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30 July 2021

2020-2021 Academic Year Summer School Curriculum (Updated!!! 30.07.2021)

2020-2021 Academic Year Updated Summer School Curriculum is attached.Good luck!Summer School Schedule 2020-2021 30.07.2021.pdf

08 July 2021

2020-2021 Summer Term Applications (Graduate & Undergraduate)

2020-2021 Summer Term Applications(Graduate & Undergraduate) scheduled courses (except the ones stated below) will be opened according to the number of applications and announced on the Faculty / Vocational School website on July 08rd, 2021. The students will be able to register online and make their ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) payments between 8th - 13th July as stated below. The summer school courses will be held online due to the pandemic conditions. Fee Payment Conditions:1. The full amount of the ECTS fee should be made to the bank accounts listed below by direct money transfer or EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer)2. The payments that are made through banks must state ‘Summer School’, ‘Republic of Turkey Identification Number’ and ‘The number of ECTS payments made’ on the payment slip.3. The payments can be made with all credit cards that have a sufficient limit to cover the ECTS fee.4. 5% cash discount is implemented in cash payments.YAPI KREDİ BANKTR60 0006 7010 0000 0092 2175 00GARANTİ BANKTR34 0006 2000 4130 0006 2916 95İŞ BANKTR19 0006 4000 0011 0601 9117 30TÜRKİYE FİNANS BANKTR72 0020 6001 4701 5643 5000 01AKBANKTR19 0004 6000 2088 8000 4467 44        ECTS FEE FACULTY of MEDICINE1990 TLFACULTY of HUMANITIES and SOCIAL SCIENCES1030 TLFACULTY of ENGINEERING and NATURAL SCIENCES1030 TLFACULTY of HEALTH SCIENCES775 TLFACULTY of COMMUNICATION775 TLVOCATIONAL SCHOOL of HEALTH SCIENCES510 TLThe courses that are approved as eligible to be opened due to final enrollment number by the Summer Education Coordination Office will be announced on July 16th 2021 on the Faculty / Vocational School website. The announced courses will be in distance learning format and they will commence on July 26th 2021.At least 3 students must register for final registration in order to open classes in the summer school. However, courses with students under 3 can also be opened if the relevant Faculty/MYO deems it appropriate.The guest students from other Universities seeking to take courses at Uskudar University are required to upload their identification card along with the approval for the courses they plan to take at our University while making their online application.Note: During summer term, only 5 courses that do not exceed 21 ECTS can be taken.While making the online application, the guest students who seek to take courses at Uskudar University are required to upload an official approval of the courses they are planning to take. This approval must be taken from their University.A refund of fees can only be made to those who made their full payment at enrollment for summer if the planned courses were cancelled by the Summer Education Coordination Office due to low numbers of enrollment to that course.Students who drop an already opened course will not be eligible for a refund.Our students can take the courses that are not available at Uskudar University can take the said summer courses at other Universities with the approval of the Faculty / Executive Board of the Vocational School of Health ServicesClick below for Summer Term Regulations. to be opened regardless of student numbersCourse NameECTSAtaturk’s Principals and Turkish Revolution History I3Ataturk’s Principals and Turkish Revolution History II3Turkish Language I3Turkish Language II3English I3English II3University Culture I1University Culture II1Pre-application dates:28 June - 06 July 2021Announcement of Planned Courses:08 July 2021Application – Enrollment Dates for Summer Term:08-13 July 2021Announcement of Approved Classes:16 July 2021Commencement date for Summer Term Distance Learning Classes:26 July 2021Ending Date for Summer Term Classes:10 September 2021

29 June 2021

2020-2021 Summer School Applications (Undergraduate-Associate Degree)-Link

There is an up-to-date announcement on which students can pre-apply at the link on our university website.

The Purposes of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

The major purposes of Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences are to organize undergraduate education in the field of Engineering Sciences at Üsküdar University; direct graduate studies and projects by monitoring scientific and technological developments; lead the students forward to advanced studies in current issues; train economically, socially and ethically conscious engineers; specialize in the development of research and innovation methods focused on health information; educate students and contribute to engineering and information systems with professional work force; provide an environment for students to conduct research and solve real-world problems; contribute to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies and improve practices, active learning, analytical thinking, leadership skills and engineering decision making.

The Vision of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

It aims to maximize the utility of modern computer science by promoting innovative research understanding of faculty members and students in solving complex technological, medical and social problems in a wide range of fields and in various disciplinary fields of application. By working in contemporary and still developing fields, our graduates will be prepared to solve engineering problems that are exciting for the future and follow the latest developments in the rapidly changing engineering sciences.

The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences that has an important place in post-graduate education and research activities continues its efforts in educating future scientists takes place in Üsküdar University, a distinguished University. Our faculty operates within the principles of our University’s vision and mission.

Departments in Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

The departments are Forensic Sciences, Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemistry Engineering, Molecular Biology and Genetics (English), Molecular Biology and Genetics (Turkish). A wide variety of options are offered for double major and minor. Variety of classes are offered to students as students can take courses from other departments.

Students enrolled in the undergraduate programs of the faculty maintain their course and thesis work in accordance with the regulations they are bound to. Students are required to complete their undergraduate education at the time specified in the regulations, which they are bound to.

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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Main Campus A Block / Üsküdar (Address: Altunizade Mah. Haluk Türksoy Sok. No: 14 34662 Üsküdar-İSTANBUL / TURKEY)

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