The Purposes of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

The major purposes of Üsküdar University Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences are to organize undergraduate education in the field of Engineering Sciences at Üsküdar University; direct graduate studies and projects by monitoring scientific and technological developments; lead the students forward to advanced studies in current issues; train economically, socially and ethically conscious engineers; specialize in the development of research and innovation methods focused on health information; educate students and contribute to engineering and information systems with professional work force; provide an environment for students to conduct research and solve real-world problems; contribute to interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary studies and improve practices, active learning, analytical thinking, leadership skills and engineering decision making.

The Vision of Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

It aims to maximize the utility of modern computer science by promoting innovative research understanding of faculty members and students in solving complex technological, medical and social problems in a wide range of fields and in various disciplinary fields of application. By working in contemporary and still developing fields, our graduates will be prepared to solve engineering problems that are exciting for the future and follow the latest developments in the rapidly changing engineering sciences.

The Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences that has an important place in post-graduate education and research activities continues its efforts in educating future scientists takes place in Üsküdar University, a distinguished University. Our faculty operates within the principles of our University’s vision and mission.

Departments in Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

The departments are Forensic Sciences, Computer Engineering, Bioengineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Chemistry Engineering, Molecular Biology and Genetics (English), Molecular Biology and Genetics (Turkish). A wide variety of options are offered for double major and minor. Variety of classes are offered to students as students can take courses from other departments.

Students enrolled in the undergraduate programs of the faculty maintain their course and thesis work in accordance with the regulations they are bound to. Students are required to complete their undergraduate education at the time specified in the regulations, which they are bound to.

Altunizade Main Campus

Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Main Campus A Block / Üsküdar (Address: Altunizade Mah. Haluk Türksoy Sok. No: 14 34662 Üsküdar-İSTANBUL / TURKEY)

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14 Jan 2021

Overlap Announcement

Overlap AnnouncementStudents whose exams overlap ın the fınal exams between the dates 18 - 31 january 2021, should consult wıth the lecturer of the related course on the stıx before the exam.Overlap Announcement.docxExam Overlap Declaration Form.docx

11 Jan 2021

Fall Semester Final Exam Schedule

Fall Semester Final Exam Schedule attached01-mdbf-2020-2021-fall-semester-final-exam-schedule-11-01-2021.xlsx

06 Jan 2021


ENGLISH I (ENG101), SPANISH I (ISP123), RUSSIAN I (RUS123), ARABIC I (ARA123) final exams will be held on LMS according to the date and time below. The exams on LMS will be activated during these periods and the students may take the exams whenever they want within the related period. It is recommended NOT to take the exam by using mobile devices.   COURSE NAMEEXAM START DATE & TIMEEXAM FINISH DATE & TIMEDURATION TO TAKE THE EXAMSSpanish I (ISP123)Russian I (RUS123)Arabic I (ARA123) 1st February 2021 MondayStart Time : 09:00 a.m1st February 2021 MondayFinish Time : 21:00  12 hoursEnglish for Academic Purposes I (ENG101)2nd February 2021 TuesdayStart Time : 09:00 a.m2nd February 2021 TuesdayFinish Time : 21:00  12 hoursİngilizce I (ING101)İngilizce I (INGU101) 1st February 2021 MondayStart Time : 08:30 a.m3rd February 2021 WednesdayFinish Time : 08:30 a.m 48 hours  

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