Sociology About

Sociology Department

The aim of the department is to make a contribution to sociology area and healthy flow of life. In this context, we plan to produce graduates who are equipped with the knowledges and the abilities which is required by the sociology discipline; who are able to analyse events, facts and theories with a critical point of view; who follow the contemporary domestic and foreign incidents and accept ethical values as  their principles. Besides, raising experts who can use the unique technology required by the conditions of the age and able to make distinct field researches.

Sociology Education Provided in the Department

The program of sociology department is prepared to develop the capacity of the students for understanding, interpretating social incidents, creating a critical point of view, finding solution for current problems. Program provides a wide cultural accumulation beside an education including basic theoretical issues and research methods of sociology.

The Employment Opportunities

Sociology grades beside working as trainer or researching concerning their issues can work in public institutions, social services, media and business world, opinion research companies, society-child and youth centers, rehabilitation centers, chamber of trade and industry, municipalities, hospital administrations, foundations, NGO’s and the organization working voluntarily.

Type of Scores: TM-3, Preparatory Class: Optional