Psychology (English) About

Psychology Department

Education of Psychology Department aims to provide multidimentional approach to topics handled in academical and clinical standards and critical thinking skills. Clinical experiences which proceeds academical education aims to enstrenghten the ability of applying  these acquired knowledge dynamically. With the education of research methods, provides students with skills such as research-execution and critically evaluating associated researches. On this  spectrum  from theory to practice, the courses including field practice, research, innovation, project development and social responsibility, and elective courses from alternative departments enables students to form a unique academic schedule.

An infrastructure based on cooperation of academic and clinical education

Our education approach supporting interdisciplinary collaboration encourages minor studies by offering a multidimentional and global view to behavioral health, interdepartmental joint courses and substantial elective courses. By this way students prepare themselves to business life with the help of wide spread and holistic education. Students of Psychology Department, graduate as sophisticated, conscious of work- ethics, hard-working, innovative- entrepreneur- improver individuals who are able to effectively use acquired academical knowledge and clinical experience, fulfill the needs and problems of the practical and theorical fields in Turkey

Psychology Deaprment in Uskudar University

By means of its unique education system;

a)      Expertise in Science of Behavior and Behavioral Health, the first and unique thematic university in Turkey combining Psychology, Philosophy, Health, Genetics, Engineering

b)      Using the “Collaborative Model of University- Hospital ”, synthesizing academicak and clinical education

c)      A technoprenur ınfrastructure bringing together Behaviaral Health and Education with Technology

d)     A point of view,not pathology centered, but focusing individual health and welfare

e)      An approach integrating traditional therapeutic background with alternative psychological models

f)       Working out sensitive to social and cultural structure of Turkey, with a vision caring about protective effects of social and cultural values on individual and social well-being

g)      A purpose of scientific production above World standards with an ideal of generating interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary education culture emphasizing ethical values and determined by professional standards.

h)      A interdisciplenary aproach to Behavioral Health and Sciences.

Students who graduated from our department must take teaching formation if they would like to be teacher.  Besides they should do the internship in schools which affiliated to the National Ministary of Education.

The language of this program is English,also prepare class is obligated for all students.  Students who pass the proficiency exam can take first semestre courses. Duration of prepare class a maximum of two years.

Education Language: English, Type of Scores: TM-3, Preparatory Class: Requisite