Political Science and International Relations About

Social Sciences and International Relations 

Department of Social Sciences and International Relations, aims to educate students who will be able to interpret the network of intensified relations in a conceptual framework and follow current developments. The purpose of the department is to educate susceptible individuals to collaborate and democratic participation in the world and dominate the Turkey’s issues, obtain a foreign language, adopt a structure of analytical thinking, criticizing, and which resolve the self, renewing, inquisitive, adopting ethical values.

Education in Department of Social Sciences and International Relations 

The program is designed and established to provide students with the opportunity to acquire the ability to grasp global relations in an interdisciplinary manner from the internal relations of political, economic and cultural processes and prepare students for the business environment.

Work Opportunities in Department of Social Sciences and International Relations

Graduates; are able to work in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in international organizations, in European Union institutions, in international private companies, in the politics and foreign policy units of the media, and in the external relations sections of banks.

Language: Turkish, Score Type: TM-3, Preparatory: Optional