Political Science and International Relations (English) About

Type of Scores: TM-3

Political Science and International Relations Department

Politics and International Relations department intends to educate students who can interpret condensed international relations of present day in a theoretical way and follow current political agendas  Aim of the department is to educate people who profoundly know Turkish and World Politics, have knowledge of English language, have analytical thinking skills, are able to critic and solve problems, are willing to take initiative and refresh themselves, concern ethical values, and cooperative and ready to take democratic participation.

Political Science and International Relations Education

Program is structured for making students gain necessary skills to understand global relations politically, economically and culturally in an inter-disciplinary manner while being prepared for their future jobs.

Political Science and International Relations Employment Opportunities

Graduated from the departments, students will be able to pursue a career in different areas such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, international organizations, EU instutions, international companies along with the political and foreign departments of the media and external relations of the banks.