Philosophy About

Philosophy Department

Philosophy is a multifaceted discipline which on the one hand deals with understanding and interpreting universe, man, life, consciousness, knowledge, science and values; on the other involves deep questioning and discussion efforts. Because philosophy is the source of all sciences, it meets the need for a holistic view to understand and explain the events and beings.

Philosophy Education Outputs

Philosophy contributes to the development of democratic culture in order to bring successfully different beliefs, cultures, and thoughts of those who live together. It pays attention to the education of thought for the establishment of a better world. Other than having the qualifications one gains through the program, students have the possibility of doing a double major or a minor and joining to different certificate programs that are given in ÜSEM.  By this way, it is highly aimed for our students to graduate as fully qualified in many areas as the era demands.

Philosophy Empoyment Opportunuties

Department of philosophy graduates can find the opportunity to work in many different areas.

With the qualifications like critical approach to issues, expository writing skills and many more students may work in areas such as publishing, advertising, and in areas which require creativity and liberal education.

Education in philosophy department is Turkish and it is optional to attend preparatory classes in English. Besides, students are offered Grek, Latin and Arabic to read texts in their original languages.

Education Language: Türkçe, Type of Scores: TM-3, Preparatory Class: Optional