Dean’s Message

Thank you for your interest in education at Üsküdar!

Engaging in undergraduate education is exciting.

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences includes Departments of Psychology (Turkish and English Departments), Sociology, Philosophy, and Political Science and International Relations(Turkish and English Departments) and History. Our work involves in offering undergraduate studies for understanding human behaviors and social and societal dynamics.

While it has only been 5 years, Üsküdar University has made a strong stride among other private universities with competing qualities in the country. Since its foundation, the university has expanded the number of faculty members from diverse backgrounds engaged in rigorous promising studies, which shed new lights to understand human brain and behaviors both individually and in the social context from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Our primary goal is to offer an educational environment where students develop attitudes to strive to be the most tolerant, analytical, objective and caring individuals who adhere to national values and goals and respectful of core human values. We care that our students develop skills who possess the ability to think critically and solve problem effectively. Therefore, they are well prepared to enter into the work force qualified, carrying tasks required in their study areas.

We strive to make your undergraduate experience rewarding, and we emphasize good mentoring. We make sure that our students receive world-class administrative and faculty support. Whether you will be entering into workforce or looking to get into a graduate school after graduation, as Dean I hope that the knowledge, skills and values you gain at Üsküdar University will best prepare you for the future to become global citizens who lead our world forward.