Visual Communication Design About

Education Language: Turkish Preparatory Class: Optional Type of Scores: TS-2   

Developments at digital communication technologies and its expansive usage areas of multimedia communications, make visual design more and crucially important. Verbal and written communication as well as visual communication are considered to be an important human communication form. The visuality has become a quite important factor within industrial and artistic context of mass communication considering the developments at printing technologies. Nowadays when it comes to in terms of communicational of digital era and artistic aspects; the visuality has positioned in a much more crucial role. It has been proven that visual communication has great importance for communication education.

Curriculum Structure of the Department

Visual Communication Design department consists of four years in which the first two years are based on basic courses of social science formation and the next two years are concentrated on practical courses. Department’s curriculum is comprised of courses from general to specific, from theoretical to practical; complementing each other. Department's students take the courses in common curriculum combining with the other departments, in the first two years except the core courses as starting from the third grade (fifth term) students are canalized to practice-oriented courses at visual communication and design. In the later years of the program, the number of elective courses increases. According to this, the students will have the opportunity to take courses from the other faculty departments apart from their core courses.

Employment Opportunities of the Department

The students graduated from the Visual Communication Design Department have the opportunity to work in all fields related to visual communication. In addition, the students can be employed by corporate communication departments of public and private sectors of visual communication and design departments of advertising and public relations agencies, Internet media etc.