New Media and Journalism About

Education Language: Turkish Preparatory Class: Optional Type of Scores: TS-2

Evolvement of the Internet along with information technologies advancement have marked our era and this was only the beginning of a new era for humanity. A wide range of structural and functional transformation processes have begun in communication and media fields along with the Internet. The distinctions between the written press and the audio-visual media, have disappeared thereby an integrated and intricate media structure has emerged. New Media and Journalism Department is constructed with the aim of educating qualified communication professionals in accordance with this current development in communication and media industry.

Curriculum Structure of the Department

In New Media and Journalism Department, students must complete the core curriculum during the first two years and most of these courses are parallel with the other faculty departments’ curriculums. The vocational courses gain importance from the third grade. Third and fourth grade students are mostly guided towards the practice-oriented courses. New Media and Journalism Department students must take core courses but they also have the opportunity to select electives from other departments of faculty.

Employment Opportunities of the Department

The students graduated from the New Media and Journalism Department have the opportunity to work in all fields of media (such as newspapers, radio, television, online news platforms etc.), as social media specialist in corporate communication departments of public and private sectors. They will able to work as social media manager in advertising and public relations agencies and related departments.