Cartoon and Animation About


Education Language: Turkish Preparatory Class: Optional Type of Scores: TS-2

*The department will admit students for 2019-20 Academic Year.

Cartoon and Animation department has the feature to move communication sciences forward and synthetize truth with virtual, science with art and theory with practice. In this department,it is aimed to combine theoretical and practical education and raise artists, professionals whoareneeded both in universities and sector.In the age of digital communication developments, Cartoon and Animation has now become a crucial field in each business and service sector related to communication and visual arts. UU Communication Faculty, taking the field’s characteristic into consideration,has obtained the mission to be the pioneer in raising eligible employees and qualified academic staff. Uskudar University’shigh-tech equipment, labs equipped with the latest technology and studios offer an advanced education in animation field. With its qualified academic staff, the department has the purpose of being the best and most qualified among its counterparts.

 Curriculum Structure of the Department

The curriculum is formed to deliver basic courses on social sciences and communication sciences in the first two years and it is applied to constitute a scientific basisparallel with the courses of the other faculty departments. From the second year, the curriculum includes theoretical and vocational field courses. In the third and fourth year eighty percent of the curriculum consists of vocational courses. Department’s curriculum progresses from the general to the specific, from the theoretical to the vocational and consists of complementary consecutivecourses. From the third year, Cartoon and Animation department students will be free to select elective courses according to their interests from the other departments of core courses and elective courses.

In the last two years of students are provided to do their cartoon and animation internship.Therefore, the are able to reinforce education with sector experience in various institutions and organizations. Internship is also considered significantfor the university and sector collaboration.

Employment Opportunities of the Department

Cartoon and Animation Program has a wide workingopportunities in various sectors for its graduates. There is an immense need in the field. There are many Cartoon and Animation departments available at various universities but it has not yet reached the level of meeting the requirements in terms of trained staff.For this reason, the need for trained staff is quite high. Graduates can work in communication units of all public and private institutions and organizations, public relations departments, and within the advertising and promotion units.The students can be employed as moving image designers in the advertising and public relations field. They can also find employment opportunities as cartoon designer, producer and manager in television and cinema industry. They can work in production fields, educational short movie productions, animation designs etc. They can work as academicians in related departments of universities. Therefore, cartoonist and animation specialist and artist can be employed in almost all sectors such as communication, advertisement, public relations and publicity, propaganda, education, health.