Public Relations

Public Relations Aims to Meet Social Needs

What is the Department of Public Relations? 

It is a branch of profession that deals with methods and techniques for creating strong representation environments in public sphere such as publicity, image, propaganda and advertising with the development of modern social structure, democratic system and free market economy.

Public Relations Was Born Out the Needs of Politics and Economy

The actors of politics have turned to find the secret of being successful in politics in public relations techniques and methods such as publicity, propaganda and advertising parallel to the development of democratic systems based on the electoral and election principles. On the other hand, due to the competition that started with the transition to the free market economy, the necessity of professionalization in the said field emerged with the institutions, organizations and people who are doing business in the market as publicity, advertising, propaganda and hence public relations. Thus, the field of public relations has taken its place from the past to the present.

Public Relations Has a Bright Future 

Nowadays, public relations profession has become an important and future-oriented scientific and professional field while obtaining an interdisciplinary structure. It is aimed to train qualified academicians and strong professional people in Üsküdar University Faculty of Communication Department of Public Relations.

Which Courses Are Taken in Public Relations? 

The department’s curriculum consists of consecutive, complementary courses from general to specific, and theory to practice. The Department of Public Relations, which offers a wide range of elective courses, is available to students from other departments and therefore can transfer between departments. The curriculum, which is flexible, dynamic and updateable, allows the student to freely develop and use his / her interest and ability. In the first two years of education, courses in the program, which are progressively parallel to the other departments of the faculty, are mandatory. The students are directed to the applied education in accordance with the elective courses, interests and skills in the third and fourth year.

What are the Occupational Opportunities for Graduates of Public Relations Department? 

The employment opportunities for the graduates of Public Relations Department are quite wide and varied. The graduates of the department can find employment opportunities in professional agencies dealing with public relations and advertising. In addition, the corporate communication units of all public and private institutions provide important employment opportunities for the graduates of the department. The graduates of the department can also work as public relations and image consultant of political actors, private institutions and organizations. The public relations department’s students may find employment opportunities in other areas of the media sector if they benefit from the educational facilities of other departments.

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