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24 Nov 2022

2022-2023 Spring Semester Online Applications will start from 12.12.2022.

2022-2023 Spring Semester Online Applications will start from 12.12.2022. Application Deadline: Friday, 13.01.2023 PROGRAM FEES: Online Pre-Registration Link is below:

21 Nov 2022


Dear Students,You can reach the 2022-2023 Fall Semester midterm exam schedule from the link below.You can get information from the lecturer of the course about the courses that are not in the table.We wish you luck.SINAV TAKVİMİ WEB 3.xlsx

11 Oct 2022

About the Research Methods course.

The Research Methods course of all Programs in English will be held online at the following day and time. announced to our students.

Institute of Science

The Institute of Sciences established in 2013 started to accept students within Turkey’s first university in fields of behavioral sciences and health, Üsküdar University founded in 2011. The Institute of Sciences holds master's degree programs in science and engineering sciences.

Scientists of the future are trained at the Institute of Science

Following the developments in the field of science, health and technology, Üsküdar University's Institute of Science, which has an important place in post-graduate education and research activities, continue to work to raise scientists of the future.

Contributing to R&D

The Institute of Sciences that aims to educate individuals who will contribute to the R & D activities of Üsküdar University and become qualified professionals; continues its national and international academic studies.

Education mastering in innovation literature

Üsküdar University Institute of Sciences offers professional academic staff and wide application possibilities, with a vision, fully equipped education in the field and innovations in the literature. It is aimed to deepen the expertise of the students in the programs and provide a solid basis for those who wish to pursue an academic career in the future.

There are Cyber Security Master's Program, Computer Engineering Master's Program, Molecular Biology Master's Program, Electrical-Electronics Engineering Master's Program, Biotechnology Master's Program and Bioengineering Master’s Program in our Science Institute.

Highly qualified bio-engineers are trained at the Institute of Science

Qualified bioengineers are needed in the research and development departments of organizations that are concerned with human and environmental health. The aim of Bioengineering Master’s Program is contribute to the need for qualified researchers to conduct high-quality research in our country and abroad, increase scientific knowledge in the field of bioengineering as well as to present our scientific output to our country and humanity.

Healthcare institutions need great molecular biologists

Molecular Biology Master’s Degree Program; is a discipline that deals with diagnosis of diseases, preparation of treatment and in addition to trying to understand the causes of diseases, the preliminary identification of molecular mechanisms that can lead to diseases or any physical problem and genetic counseling to the individuals or establishment of the necessary life.     Therefore, high molecular biologists are needed in the health departments of organizations that are concerned with health.

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