ÜDEMER (Üsküdar University Human Values Education Application and Research Center)


a) Conduct research on values and training in colloboration with stakeholders and to organize related educational programs and practical activities,

b) Prepare publications regarding values and training; support related research and provid scientific support services in order to increase the effects of publications as forming information banks and inventory holding.

c) Create new scientific solutions intended for sustainable humanistic development, justice and democratical principles by means of offering alternative solution packages for problems about reconstructing values in which various disciplines are involved.


a) Conduct scientific research about training and reconstruction of values and develope new principles, strategies, models and solution offers.

b) Create joint working groups regarding values and their training, in association with universities, governmental and non-governmental organisations.

c) Organize national and international scientific meetings and activities related to values and their training as congresses, conferences, symposiums, panels, seminars, courses, exhibitions and memorial days.