ŞİDAM (Violence & Crime Prevention Research Center)

The mission of the Violence & Crime Prevention Research Center of Üsküdar University (VICRIMUS) is to prevent violence and crime therefore to reduce their consequences.

VICRIMUS is actively engaged in evidence-based violence and crime prevention and intervention initiatives in jurisdictions around İstanbul and the country, particularly focusing on domestic violence, elder and child abuse/neglect and drug markets. It is also focused on strengthening communities and reducing arrest and incarceration.

The Research Center fosters state-of-the-art violence and crime reduction strategies through fieldwork, research, and partnerships with government agencies, communities, law enforcement, social service providers and other practitioners.

Much of the VICRIMUS work functions from a framework in which a partnership of social service providers, outreach workers, community members and law enforcement are to directly engage with services to set standards, offer help and establish clear consequences for continued offending.

The Center collects research literature and resources on the causes and prevention of violence & crime and provides direct information services to researchers by offering online searchable customized databases.

VICRIMUS offers technical assistance for the evaluation and development of violence and crime prevention programs.

VICRIMUS maintains a basic research element through data on the origins of violence and the usefulness of prevention and intervention programs.

VICRIMUS’ goals are to:

  • bring researchers, practitioners, community representatives and policy makers together to foster an integrated approach to violence and crime in İstanbul metropolitan area,
  • monitor changes in violence and crime in İstanbul,
  • investigate causes and consequences of violence and crime,
  • identify, support and evaluate promising evidence-based prevention and intervention programs,
  • develop an integrated, multilevel, public health intervention plan to reduce violence and crime in İstanbul metropolitan area,
  • train a new generation of violence and crime prevention researchers and practitioners,
  • disseminate findings regionally, nationally, and internationally.

The Health Department, Department of Family and Social Policies, Ministry of National Education, Governorship of İstanbul, İstanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Human Values and Mental Health Foundation and others support the Research Center’s work.

VICRIMUS works closely with other violence and crime reduction experts around the country, including law enforcement practitioners, community leaders and university partners.

Professor Sevil Atasoy is the principal investigator and director of the Üsküdar University Center for Violence & Crime Prevention.