KİMER (Personalized Treatment Application and Research Center)


a) To prevent the adverse drug effects caused by the drug's lack of effect due to genotypic, phenotypic characteristics or dose inadequacy within the scope of rational drug application.

b) To avoid the use of wrong and unnecessary drugs.

c) To conduct Research and applications related to the subject and support the studies done.


a) To investigate the effects of single nucleotide differences (SNP) in individuals on metabolism.

b) To measure the activities of metabolizing enzymes in the body that are commonly used in phenotyping studies.

c) To organize seminars, conferences, television programs and similar events for the publicity activities of the Center activities and inform the public outside the University.

ç) To support students, educators, professionals and institutions who will undertake research and investigation studies.

d) To carry out and support education, research and implementation activities in line with the objectives of the Center.

e) To organize congresses, symposiums, workshops, panels, seminars and conferences related to the field.

f) to provide private sector research, examination, consultancy and similar services with public institutions and organizations in the subjects entering the center's working area.

g) To develop and implement research and review programs in other faculties and units of the University, undergraduate or graduate programs and students who are studying at international academic institutions and academicians who are conducting research in this area, and contribute to existing practices.