A mail of love from Aydın to Üsküdar…

The library project carried out by Üsküdar University Kızılay Club in May to bring joy to Aydın Kızılcaköy Primary School continues its impact. Üsküdar University Kızılay Club carried out a library project for Aydın Kızılcaköy Primary School in May. The effects of the project on the students were poured into the pages from the students' pens. The students sent the letters they wrote and the pictures they drew to Üsküdar University students.

During all these activities, a strong bond of love was formed between the library project team and Kızılcaköy students, teachers and Kızılcaköy people. This bond showed itself sometimes with loving words and sometimes with candid photos and pictures. The cargo delivered to the Kızılay Club in the past days also carried this love from Aydın to Istanbul.

“You are always on our minds and hearts”

From the pen of Kızılcaköy Primary School students, a letter was sent by their teachers to the Kızılay Club, expressing their love and gratitude. The following statements were included in the emotional letter sent to Üsküdar University Vocational School of Health Services Occupational Health and Safety Program Head Asst. Prof. Gamze Kağan and the club member students:

“Dear Our Teacher Gamze, Our Big Sisters and Brothers,

We wanted to send you a small gift. It can't be a return for what you did, but it was just a small treat for you to remember us. You are always in our minds and hearts.

Maybe our paths will cross again at another time.

We love you very much. Good luck to you. Kızılcaköy Students”

The Library hosts Prof. Nevzat Tarhan's books

Üsküdar University Kızılay Club supported Aydın Kızılcaköy Primary School's library dreams and operated in its construction. Prof. Nevzat Tarhan's books were included in the library opened on 20 May 2022 with the participation of Üsküdar University Health Services Vocational School Occupational Health and Safety Program Head Asst. Prof.Gamze Kağan. At the opening of the library, where the books that will provide equipment in different fields were also provided, the workshop of the Savings Project was carried out with children. By supporting the dreams of Aydın Kızılcaköy Primary School, Kızılay Club has taken an important step for students to have a library where they can both learn and have fun.

They act with the motto of "Everything that is good for people"

The club team experienced the pleasure of touching hearts once again with the pictures and letters sent by Kızılcaköy's teachers and students to the Kızılay Club. The club hopes to touch many more hearts with the activities to be carried out on its way with the motto of "everything that is good for people".


Üsküdar News Agency (ÜNA)