BIYOTEKMER (Biotechnology Application and Research Center)


The main objectives of the BIYOTEKMER are to carry out researches on Health, produce projects, attend to the joint-projects; train the people at both national and international levels, organize seminars, certificate programs, workshops, in service training; inform the public via all media possible; both perform researches on diagnosis, treatment, and monitor methods on different illnesses, especially on psychological and psychosomatic illnesses, and test the produced materials for clinical usages.


The Center performs the following activities in order to reach related objectives:
a) Encourage both instructors and students to carry out investigations on Biotechnology,
b) Prepare research projects on Biotechnological research and applications & coordinate the joint-projects,
c) Train and authorize the MDs to prevent non experts’ usage and application of Biotechnological tools and products in health,
d) Cooperate with the other labs and research centers,
e) Organize the research groups to achieve both national and international leveled projects,
f) In order to encourage and disseminate the results of the scientists’ project, organize seminars, workshops, trainings, courses, conferences and deliver the attendance certificates.