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Short CV

Zeynep Bahadır Ağce was born, 1984 in Zonguldak. She graduated from Mehmet Çelikel Anatolian High School and completed her undergraduate studies in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department of Istanbul University in 2006. In 2009, she completed her thesis on " Efficiency of Kinesiotaping Application at Myofascial Pain Syndrome " at Marmara University and she was continued the patients treatment as clinician at hospital. She completed her doctorate at 2018 in Ergotherapy Department of Hacettepe University by completing her thesis on " The Effect of Problem Solving Education on Type 2 Diabetic Individuals' Self-Management Behaviors ". She is working on a healthy lifestyle regulation and reorganization of chronicles lifestyle redesign, improving patient self-management skills and improving participation in disease management. He is interested in special fields such as hand rehabilitation, lymphedema therapy, pilates, cognitive behavioral therapy and employability of disabled people.

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