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Instructor Şahin İplikçi born in 1982, graduated from Marmara University, Department of German Language and Literature. He worked as a Public Relations and Linguistics lecturer at the Police College and the Police Vocational High School. Between1993-1994, he worked as an expert at the Istanbul Security Department, Education Directorate and Civil Defense Directorate. In those years, he conducted many translations and researches on criminal matters, especially handwritten documents and signature examinations in judicial documents.

He worked on the mathematical measurement techniques used in the handwritten and signature examinations in judicial documents. He examined “The Use of Statistical Methods in the Analysis of Handwritten Signatures” topic in the master’s thesis, which is carried out at the Forensic Medicine Institute of Istanbul University. His work attracted the interest of the Head of the Forensic Medicine Institution and gave a lecture in the institution especially by inviting him to the Physical Examination Department (Physical Examination Unit.)

He has intensive studies on mathematical methods that can be applied in the judicial document examinations are made suitable for the Supreme Court of Appeals and on the use of spectroscopic methods (spectra) on the forgery made in the documents by means of graphics and imagines. There are also articles related to anatomy of the brain and writing. Currently, some institutions provide training and conferences on document review subjects. There are books and writings under the title of the Criminal Investigation of Handwritten Writings and Factors Affecting Hand Writings. He has Ph.D. Degree from Varna Free University.