FHS / Speech and Language Therapy Department

(0216) 400 2222

Short CV

Born in İstanbul, 1976. In 2001, she started her undergraduate education at İstanbul University, School of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. In the 2nd year of university education she started the applications of Waist-Neck Therapy systems in Finland, where she was trained at DBC Active Spine Care International and became the representative in Turkey and until 2001, she served as a consultant and educator. She completed her undergraduate studies in 2001. In 2001, she started her Master's degree in Speech-Language Pathology in Northeastern University, USA. In 2004, she graduated with a degree in Speech and Language Disorders from a graduate degree. During her M.Sc. study, she became the assistant of Northeastern Speech and Language Disorders Clinic. After returning to Turkey in 2004, she worked as a Language and Speech Patrol in Acıbadem Health Group's hospitals for a year. Between 2005 and 2013, she worked as a Language and Speech Patrol in Istanbul University İstanbul Medical Faculty Ear-Nose-Throat department as an expert staff. She is currently studying at Istanbul University Neuroscience Department Advanced Neurological Sciences Doctoral Program.

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