Üsküdar University


Dinçer ATLI, Ph.D

FC / Advertising Design and Communication Department


(0216) 400 22 22


Dincer Atli is currently the Department Head of Advertising Design and Communication at Uskudar University/Turkey.  Dr. Atli joined Labor and Employment Relations at Penn State University/USA as a Post-doctoral visiting scholar for academic year 2014/2015. He received his Ph.D. in Media Economics and Management from Marmara University in 2010 upon completion of his dissertation " Human Resources Managements’ New Vision: Talent Management and a Research On Media Companies." His Ph.D. thesis the first in Turkey to focus on the subject of Talent Management, was submitted in 2010. Dr. Atli’s enhanced Ph.D. dissertation was published in 2012 as a book which was the first of its kind regarding Talent Management in Turkey. (2nd edition 2013) He earned his master’s degree in Social Science Institute from Istanbul University in 2006, and his bachelor in Public Relations and Publicity from Istanbul University School of Communications in 2001. His research interests are human resources, talent management, corporate culture, employer branding, employer attractiveness, media organizations, social media, virtual worlds and advertising.