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Discipline of Basic Education - About

Basic Medical Education

Basic Medical Education is given to a limited extent in Dentistry Education. This makes limited medical education inadequate with the enrichment of the duty content, the expansion of its boundaries, and the increasing use of interventional methods. In the near future, this inadequacy will become even more dramatic and will lead to discussions about the powers and responsibilities of the dentist.

Basic Art Education

Dentistry is an occupational discipline that hosts the most important elements of basic art formation, such as visual memory, aesthetic intuition, and motor talent. However, there is no independent training approach to bringing this formation to dentistry training programs. Dentist candidates are tried to be trained with the company of information given by faculty members who are not experts in the subject and through the individual effort of the student through trial and error. In dentistry education, aesthetic intuition and plastic ability must be given within basic fine arts education methods and by experts in a holistic course discipline. The content and topics of this course should be jointly determined by the disciplines of painting and sculpture training, anatomy, anthropology, and cephalometry.

Basic Software and Robotics Training

Informatics and Robotic Systems in Dentistry: The point of Virtual Informatics Systems and Robotic Systems' capabilities in producing value, data, business, and products have made these systems one of the most important partners of all branches of science. With this acceleration, most of the products and services produced in dentistry will be carried out by CAD-supported applications and robotic systems.

For this reason, dentists have to know the scientific and cognitive flow of the virtual process, from computer program software to CAD applications and CAM production. Very soon, the researcher/manufacturer teams behind these systems will be the real mentors of dentistry.  To train the dentists of the future, one of the most important disciplines of dentistry education today is Informatics and Robotic Systems in Dentistry.

Clinical education

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