Crime Scene Investigation and Criminalistic Masters Degree - About

bagimlilik-ve-adli-bilimler-enstitusu-olay-yeri-incelemeCrime Scene Investigation and Criminalistic Master's Degree (with / without Thesis)

One of the serious problems of security services in our country is the selection and evaluation of methods for crime scene investigation, evidence collection and examination. In this course, the topics will be discussed on theoretical basis. Investigation of crime scene under the soil, under the ground and under water, evidence gathering, reanimation, blood stain analysis, DNA analysis, fingerprint, firearms, microscopic examinations, hair, fiber, soil, paint, glass drug analysis, signature, seal, essay writings will be discussed in the context of contemporary methods used in major fields. Lectures on alternative thinking, causal relationship building, ethical principles, etc are included within the program that are based on research. Legal regulations related to criminal laboratory management, quality control and assurance, ethical rules, communication skills, leadership and expertise are among the courses.